Casio 61 Key High Grade Piano Keyboard, Blue - MZ-X500K2


Casio 61 Key High Grade Piano Keyboard, Blue - MZ-X500K2

Model No. : MZ-X500K2, Brand : Casio

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Product Description

  • Brand : Casio
  • Type : Piano Keyboard
  • 1150 Tones and 330 Rhythms
  • 20W+20W
  • Over 1,100 high-quality built-in tones*support professional level performances in virtually any musical genre.
  • *900 tones with MZ-X300.
  • A compilation of Versatile Tones is also available to reproduce realistic guitar harmonics, bass glissando and other tonal variations characteristic of stringed instrument fingering.
  • A Tone Edit function supports intuitive sound production with simple knob operation. Users can draw on a selection of 20 effects to transform sounds dramatically.
  • The traditional rhythms of Latin, European, Middle Eastern, Asian and other cultures around the world are incorporated along with such enduring favorites as rock, jazz and pops rhythms. Players can also set automatic accompaniment functions such as Auto Fill-in, Break, Intro/Ending and Synchro Start/Stop to produce their envisioned performances to perfection. The system’s ability to handle tension chords as well makes it easy for players to incorporate technical arrangements into their performances.
  • High-quality sampling is enabled at 44.1 kHz via the LINE IN or MIC IN terminal. Users can assign sounds to the pads as audio samples.
  • Various percussion sounds have been sampled and built in as pad tone presets, and the 16 touch-response pads can be used to add percussion arrangements to keyboard performances.
  • Touch Response : 3 sensitivity levels, Off
  • Sound Source : MXi (Multi-Expressive Integrated) Sound Source
  • Maximum Polyphony : 128
  • Digital Effects : Reverb: 20 types
  • Chorus: 25 types
  • Delay: 20 types
  • DSP: Equalizer, Compressor, Limiter, Enhancer, Early Reflection, Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Auto Pan, Rotary, Drive Rotary, LFO Wah, Auto Wah, Distortion, Pitch Shifter, Multi Chorus, Ring Modulator, Delay, Piano Effect
  • Master EQ: 4 Bands Parametric EQ
  • Auto Harmonize: 12 types
  • Arpeggiator: 100 types
  • Auto Accompaniment : Modes: CASIO Chord, Fingered 1, Fingered 2 (6th off), Fingered 3 (on bass), Full Range Chord
  • Controllers: Start/Stop, Intro1 - 2, Variation1 - 4 / Fill-in, Break, Fade In /Out, Ending1 - 2, Synchro Start, Synchro Stop, Accomp On /Off, Ritardando, Auto Fill-In, Tap Start
  • Recorder
  • MIDI Recorder: Real-time Recording, Track Edit, Event Edit (Delete, Copy, Insert, Quantize, Step Recording), Punch-In / Out, Over Dubbing, SMF Import
  • User Songs: 100 songs, 17 tracks per song (1 system track + 16 multi tracks)
  • Approximate Data Capacity: 50,000 notes (1 song)
  • Audio Recording/ Playback
  • Recording Source: Keyboard Play, Keyboard Play with Auto Accompaniment and with Music Preset, MIDI Recorder playback, Sound Input from EXT IN (LINE IN, MIC IN)
  • Audio File Format: .wav (16-bit, 44.1 kHz, Stereo)
  • Recording Capacity: Up to 100 audio files (Max. recording time: approximately 90 minutes for a single audio file)
  • Requirement: USB memory, up to 32 GB
  • USB Memory / SD Memory : Supported USB Memory: Up to 32 GB
  • Functions: SMF Playback (up to 320 KB per file), File Storage, File Recall, File Delete, Format, Audio Data Playback / Storage
  • Save / Load: User Tone, User Rhythm, User MIDI Data, User Music Preset, User Registration Memory, User Pad Bank, User Sample, User Phrase, User Chord Sequence, User Arpeggio